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Music connects us all. It is the universal language that breaks down barriers and joins differing people together in harmony, peace and love. Music has the power to soothe our fears, uplift our souls, and create indelible memories in our hearts of songs that will forever be cherished.

Photography has the power to capture a moment in time, to save an image of emotion, beauty, heartfelt love, even the passion locked within.

If you could do anything in the world you wanted what would it be? I thought about what I was most passionate about, and would want to invest my heart and soul in. There were two answers: music and photography. For me, music flows from emotion, combine that with the visceral onstage moment, beheld by the creative eye, and the image captured speaks volumes. Capturing those fleeting whirlwinds of music with my creative passion so they are not lost in time, but instead shared, brings me great joy by giving others the chance to also experience that moment and feel that emotion.

Catching that moment when a musician is so enveloped in the sound they are creating that they are lost to all else, or that special exchange between two onstage where the only words are notes, a glance of respect or a nod of admiration drives me to shoot with creative passion. My dream is encapsulate that moment, in all its rawness, to share with you!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kimberly Annette has worked for years as a concert photographer, shooting many of rock’s finest—the Allman Brothers, Jane’s Addiction, Dave Navarro, Fleetwood Mac, Megadeth, Korn, Avenge Sevenfold, Ted Nugent, Stone Temple Pilots, B.B. King, Tower of Power, Steve Miller, Joan Jett, Guns ’N Roses, Wolfmother, the Doobie Brothers and countless more.

With those fierce years in music’s trenches under her belt, Kimberly felt it was time to get busy and implement her creative vision with a single source for all things rock and roll. With that, theRockRag.com was born. An online collaboration of photographers, writers, cinematographers and musicians that covers every inch of the rock-and-roll stratosphere, theRockRag.com is a destination that promotes artists and bands through verbal and visual expression. TheRockRag.com’s diverse set of collaborators are bound together by their love of rock music, and kept together by their commitment to quench the hunger and thirst of every rock-loving soul.

Kimberly’s lifelong passion for music and her rich knowledge of bands, vocalists, festivals and other elements of the rock-and-roll scene make her the perfect “chairman of the board” to head the rich table of collaborators making up theRockRag.com team.

What I really want is for music to thrive in the hearts of our readers and to open their minds to all that music can be. —Kimberly Annette

This website is Kimberly Annette’s personal photography site and is dedicated to showcasing her photographs…. May you find at least one photograph here that really moves your spirit and your soul.

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**Not all photos published on this site are available for purchase. If you do see one you are interested in please email: info@kimberlyannettephotography.com about availability and size. 


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Posted: December 30, 2013


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